Online System

Giving you the very best insight into UK Television Ratings. Online 24/7.

Our interatcive Online System gives you access to all TV Ratings for the last 15+ years with graphical analysis - anywhere, anytime. 

The most comprehensive platform for BARB Viewing Figures & TV Ratings analysis. has all available BARB data sets & programming.  With a suite of reporting tools enabling analysis by series or episode or daypart. Including Top Ratings reports detailing the viewing figures for the Highest Rated TV shows by channel, demographic or timeframe through to Reach data or Broadcaster Video On Demand ratings. 

All reporting is presented in an attractive online interface that can be accessed from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world. With interactive graphical representation of the data, automated benchmarking and the ability to export to your own work in an easy and attractive format. 

Used by over 10,000 media executives, the easy to use online research tool gives you key data on TV Ratings and simplifies its complex analysis at the press of a button. 

Features include:

- Program and series reporting

- Accessible from anywhere, office, home or mobile No VPN, CITRIX or complex access system required

- Overnight, consolidated and Reach data

- Automated benchmarking

- Interactive graphical analysis

- Top Rating reports across channels, audiences & demographics

- Transmission synopsis 

- BVOD reporting now included

- Time checked data ensureing schedules 

Overnights Performance as viewed on a laptop screen at home

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