Online System

The most comprehensive platform for BARB UK TV Ratings analysis.

Used by over 10,000 media executives, our easy to use online research tool gives you not only up-to-the-minute overnight data but also Video On Demand viewing & consolidated TV ratings. Including Reach data, playback from recorders & full demographic detail, data is available for all BARB reported TV including Netflix, Amazon and Disney+. With interactive programme reporting at genre, episode and series level, as well as channels and timeslots - either onscreen or easily exportable for use in your own work.  


Overnight Reports

Delivering yesterday's TV Ratings to your inbox 365 days a year.  Now including Video On Demand Audiences.® is the leading supplier of online BARB ratings reports and UK television Overnight reports to the international media industry, from small independent producers to the US studios. All our reports are time-checked against the actual broadcast and are available within seconds of the data being available at 9.30am every morning 365 days a year.  Our reports now have the option of including Video On Demand viewing in addition to traditional Broadcast TV Viewing Figures and can be delivered across web, email, excel and SMS text message.

VOD Viewing

The new way of reporting TV Ratings. See the total viewing of your show, across VOD and linear transmissions. 

A new online platform dedicated to analysis of VOD & traditional viewing. With all BARB reported viewing of video on demand services including Subscription Video on Demand such as Amazon Prime, Netflix & Disney + 

For the first time see total viewing figures of your content between dates across linear TV, VOD platforms, across broadcasters. 


Data Integrations


Bring BARB Viewing Figures into your inhouse systems with a direct link to Ratings Data.

Unique to® is our BARB data integration service. With this, our customers are able to automate the transfer of BARB Ratings Data to their systems.  This can be in any specification based on the customers requirements, either in batches or instantly online.  It gives you access to data back to 2010 in your system, accessible at anytime without the storage or development costs of building your own bespoke BARB platform.  

TV Ratings API

Reporting &



Expert knowledge of TV viewing figures & BARB data, just one phone call away. 

Where the information you need requires expert research and experience, or you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, our team of consultants would be happy to help.  From one-off projects to regular reporting, the team have for many years helped broadcasters, production companies and advertisers with their research.


Content Valuation

We can tell you the Commercial Value of content to a Broadcaster.  

A new service from - we are now able to use our BARB TV Ratings data and combine this with advertising revenues provided by a leading multinational advertising agency, to produce accurate estimates of advertising revenue that each show brings to a channel.  

Using this insight into the ways that broadcasters maximise the revenue from your shows, gives our clients a real advantage in commissioning, re-commissioning and international sales negotiations. 

Video Analysis

Watch programme content alongside TV viewing figures & see the impact onscreen action has on TV ratings in realtime. 

Our video analysis system allows for viewing of your programme with an interactive display of the audience at that position on the shows runtime.


Overnights classic car show content evaluation on laptop screen

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