Overnight Reports

A longstanding currency, reinvented for today.

Overnight Reports - a longstanding metric for the industry that have been re-invented for today. 

Our Overnight Reports are the most sophisticated available.  With customisation on every element for our clients requirements, they encompas over 20 years of development ensuring they continue to bring key TV Ratings information to our customers in an easy to read & attractive format faster than anyone else each morning, 365 days a year.

Unique to Overnights.tv® is our online reports as an alternative to excel &  that we time-check transmissions on the major channels to ensure that the information in the reports is correct. Any last minuite scheudle changes or program overruns are picked up by our team each morning prior to the reports being issued thus ensuring our clients have accurate information on yesterdays viewing.  

Delivered either as Graphical represntations of the data, Online, Excel Grid format or as text for ease of reading on a mobile device, the reports are sent within 1 second of data arriving each morning and provide not only program ratings but also benchmarking, peaks, synopsis information and breakdowns of the biggest increses and decreses. 

As we continue to develop our range of reports we have added Broadcaster Video On Demand reporting in 2021 and have an exciting range of additional enhancements planned for 2022.  


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