OVERNIGHTS is the leading supplier of online BARB ratings reports and UK television Overnight reports to the international media industry, from small independent producers to the US studios. All our reports are time-checked against the actual broadcast and are available within seconds of the data being available at 9.30am every morning 365 days a year – know the vital data before anyone else.

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Our easy to use online research tool gives you not only up-to-the-minute overnight data but also consolidated TV ratings, including Reach data, playback from recorders & VOD viewing on the TV set.  Data is available back to 2006 with interactive programme reporting at episode and series level, as well as channels and timeslots with demographic breakdowns and Reach data - either onscreen or easily exportable for use in your own work.  – The only place to find the true total audience.

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Where the information you need requires expert research and experience, or you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, our team of consultants would be happy to help.  From one-off projects to regular reporting, the team have for many years helped broadcasters, production companies and advertisers with their research.

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Experts in presenting key information, our team has for many years provided executive reporting to media companies around the world.  From data deliveries for research departments, to graphically presented KPI’s and analysis to boards, is well placed to make sense of the data and report what you need to know.

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The Six Nations came to a close for another year, but in the most dramatic way possible, with the final winners not decided until the last possible moment. The highest audiences of the 2015 series were for the opening match between Wales and England, and the final match, between England and France. Both of these attracted an average of more than 7m viewers (7.3m – 31.4%, and 7m - 40.9% respectively). The fact that England, while winning 55-35 against France, still lost out to Ireland in the overall competition, is a testament to the ability of both teams and made for exciting viewing. This year’s competition averaged 4.4m (30.8%) ...

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Reach data now has reach data included in series and transmission reports.

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BARB Reported Channels

Sunday, 15th February 2015

Premier Sports TV will cease to be BARB reported after 15th February 2015.

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Monday, 19th January 2015

Prime TV will be BARB reported from 19th January, 2015.

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A blog about programmes on UK and US TV and reports on their performance using ratings data.



A weekly listing of titles of new programmes and returning series.


"The online AQUA software from is a fast, comprehensive and easy-to-use ratings analysis system. We use it regularly to compare the performance of our series against other productions and to run reports for sales and marketing of our productions."
Daniel Isaacs, Joint MD, Kudos

"The services have helped right across the board; development, research, commissioning pitches, internal reports and press releases. A major benefit of using the AQUA system is being able to run any number of reports that are tailored to the specific needs of a programme by focusing on relevant criteria, be it demographics or programme comparisons. The Kids division within RDF Rights has been able to boost the confidence of existing licensees and encourage new licensees to come on board for properties such as Waybuloo, which continues to go from strength to strength."
Rachel Davidson, Publicity Manager, RDF.RDF Media Group

"Attentional is an invaluable service for DRG. Not only does it allow us to keep across up-to-the-minute ratings for all of our programming, it also provides us with the capability to research historical broadcasts. Both the slot and the genre comparison reports are extremely useful when analyzing how our shows have performed, as well as giving an overview of popular trends in programming."
Laura Stanley, Marketing Manager, DRG.DRG

" delivers above & beyond the raw data. The information is easily digestible and useful but the team behind the data bring it to life. If I get in touch to ask for advice, they are always available, respond quickly and go beyond even what I have asked for. Their customer service is impeccable which is why we have used them for 8 years now. "
Tracey Lloyd, General Manager, Whizz Kid Entertainment

"Attentional continue to provide a fast, reliable and easy to read daily overnight report for us. Ad hoc research has always been produced quickly, clearly and competitively priced. I have found Attentional's employees always to be friendly and helpful, no job is too small, and they are always a pleasure to deal with."
Sue West, Audience Research Manager, Endemol